Energy is an Expense

We take pride in being able to offer energy auditing to existing building. Due to the increase of energy cost, energy bill constitutes a high portion of the expenses of a company. Energy auditing helps to identify the high energy consumption areas and to propose the possible solutions in reducing the energy use.

Energy Auditing

Energy Auditing is a very important verification process to make sure the installed systems are working as per design and required performance especially for air-conditioning system where air-conditioning system consumes around 60% of the overall energy cost. Energy auditing helps to reduce the energy cost especially in reducing the maximum demand. Energy auditing also carried out to identify areas that are possible in reducing the energy consumption. A good monitored system ensures long term savings to the clients.

Energy Simulation and Analysis

Building energy simulation and analysis is one of the major contributions and requirements for sustainable and green building design. The yearly energy consumption of the green building constitutes the most points for the Green Building Index (GBI) certification scheme and it plays important role for both BCA Green Mark and LEEDS certification scheme

Continuous Improvement

Base on the experience we gained from case study on energy audition, our design is continuously improving towards energy efficient design.