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  1. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system
  2. District cooling plant and distribution system
  3. Data center computer room air-conditioning (CRAC) system
  4. Building automation system /Energy management control system
  5. Hot and cold water plumbing
  6. Reverse osmosis and de-ionized water system
  7. Internal sanitary plumbing system
  8. Fire protection system
  9. Elevator, escalator and travellator
  10. Swimming pool and water features
  11. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas (NG) system
  12. Compressed air and distribution system
  13. Medical gas system
  14. Process gas system
  15. Central vacuum system
  16. Pneumatic tube system
  17. Co-generation Plant
  18. Process Vacuum system
  19. Cleanroom system


  1. Electrical power distribution system
  2. Telecommunication and information structure cabling distribution system
  3. Lightning and earthing system
  4. Audio visual system
  5. Smart home and automation system
  6. Surveillance, security and intruder management system
  7. Car-Parking and guidance system
  8. SMATV system
  9. Digital call system
  10. Nurse call system
  11. Dynamic/Static UPS
  12. Power discrimination analysis
  13. Arc flash analysis

Fire Engineering

  1. Performance Based Approach (PBA)
  2. Prescriptive Code Based Approach

GBI Facilitation

  1. Thermal and energy modelling
  2. Lux level modelling
  3. Day-lighting analysis
  4. Rainwater harvest and storage system
  5. Greywater recycling system
  6. System Lift-cycle analysis

Infrastructure Work

  1. Electrical power distribution system
  2. Telecommunications distribution system
  3. Street and compound lighting system
  4. Traffic lighting system
  5. 33kV Sub-station
  6. Sewage treatment plant
  7. Reservoir and pump station

CFD Simulations

  1. Thermal comfort analysis
  2. Mechanical ventilation analysis
  3. Particles disperse analysis

Due Diligence

  1. Existing building due-diligence study and analysis
  2. Adequacy on code and design compliance

Energy Auditing

  1. Building pre- and post-occupation energy and power analysis

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