Innovated Green Design System

  1. Semi-Ducted Carpark Ventilation System
  • Conventional carpark mechanical ventilation system consists of major ductworks throughout the whole carpark level. The semi-ducted system design uses shorter ducting, creating uni-directional air flow system which can maximize the air velocity throughout the whole carpark level. Shorter ductwork results in lower fan static and smaller fan power. It hence savings operation cost and the initial construction cost.

  1. Auto-static balance duct design
  • Auto-static balance duct work system is meant to uniformize the air static throughout the whole ductwork, which results in uniform air supply to a large open area such as commercial, open office and etcetera. The system enhances the energy efficiency and comfort level of variable air volume (VAV) system.
  1. High efficiency Closed-loop hot water system (Indirect heating)
  • Conventional centralized heat pump hot water supply uses an opened-loop system design, which causes scaling and fouling on the tube after few years of operation. This reduces the system efficiency. Furthermore, heat pump heat exchanger is different from chiller where the cleaning of tubes is difficult. Moreover, in-situ chemical cleaning is not viable as hot water is in contact with humans. A closed-loop hot water system is the solution to overcome the problems and maintain the system efficiency for a long period of time.
  • Conventional direct heating system has about coefficient of performance (COP) of below 4. With our innovative design, it can achieve COP above 5.
  1. By-pass AHU
  • Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD)
    • UFAD system uses an underfloor supply plenum in between the structural concrete slab and raised floor system. Higher temperature conditioned air is supplied through floor diffusers directly into the occupied zone to prevent cold feet symptom.
    • In hot and humid tropical countries, a specially designed by-pass AHU is adopted to control the relative humidity of the comfort zone.
    • It gives better layout flexibility, improves thermal comfort, improves ventilation efficiency, improved energy efficiency, and reduces life cycle costs.
  • Hospitals
    • Many hospitals face mold growth problems due to high relative humidity. By-pass AHU is introduced which can effectively control the humidity especially at part load conditions instead of using heaters, which achieves energy savings.
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