BECAT Software - energy analysis tool

BECAT is an in-house developed building energy analysis tool in conjunction with the cost and payback period analysis. It is a very useful and comprehensive static calculation tool used to estimate the detail breakdown of annual energy consumption, the heat load calculation, the initial investment and the payback period comparing between two different designed buildings.

Experienced Personnel

GC has four (4) personnel (Mechanical and Electrical disciplines) who are registered green building facilitator to the Malaysia GreenBuildingIndex (GBI) Sdn. Bhd. We have developed an in-house Building Energy and Cost Analysis Tool (BECAT), which helps to study the investment cost compare to long term energy savings. Upon the launching of GBI tools, providing consultancy on green building design and to facilitate application for the GBI certification is one of our services to our prestige clients. GC’s personnel have experienced project references which are in pursuit of ratings in GBI.