Latest Technology

We take pride in being able to offer innovative solutions for mechanical and electrical systems that are both cost effective and buildable. Our M&E design incorporates the latest State-Of-The-Art systems and equipment that will commensurate with the class of building envisaged. We have also ventured into the green buildings design in conjunction with the launch of Green Building Index in Malaysia.

3D Modeling

One of our strong services is to produce the M&E coordination drawings in 3-Dimensional modeling and animations to illustrate for the exposed M&E services, especially in car park areas. 3-dimension modeling for coordination of M&E services has long been used in Oil and Gas industry to minimize clashes of services that cause wastage of materials and time, where the transportation of materials from on-shore to off-shore is very costly. In building services, besides minimizing wastage of materials and time, due to the higher demand for better aesthetic view for exposed M&E services in non-ceiling area such as car parking zones, 3-dimension modeling has slowly gained popularity.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is the analysis of systems involving fluid flow, heat transfer and associated phenomena such as chemical reactions, particles distribution and etcetera by means of computer-based simulation.

Building Thermal and Energy Simulation and Analysis

Thermal modeling is conducted to estimate thermal conditions within internal occupied spaces based on predetermined constraints and criteria. The energy simulation and analysis is the initial tool to study on the investment cost versus the savings from the long term operation and maintenance cost. Through modeling and feasibility study, various air-conditioning system, indoor air quality and moisture control system can be introduced to fulfill user requirement and to optimize performance specification.

Semi-Ducted Carpark Ventilation System

Conventional carpark mechanical ventilation system consists of major ductworks throughout the whole carpark level. The semi-ducted system design uses shorter ducting, creating uni-directional air flow system which can maximize the air velocity throughout the whole carpark level. Shorter ductwork results in lower fan static and smaller fan power. It hence savings operation cost and also the initial construction cost.

Auto-static balance duct design

Auto-static balance duct work system is meant to uniformize the air static throughout the whole ductwork, which results in uniform air supply to a large open area such as commercial, open office and etc. The system enhances the energy efficiency and comfort level of variable air volume (VAV) system.

High efficiency Closed-loop hot water system (Indirect heating)

Conventional indirect heating system has about coefficient of performance (COP) of 4. With our innovated design, we are looking at COP above 5 of the heat pump system.